BIWD is the business organization with a global network of members in more than 70 countries, which helps dance companies of all sizes and in all countries to operate internationally in an ethical and responsible manner.

Responding to the needs of the various players in the world dance industry, we represent their business interests at the highest levels of intergovernmental decision-making, whether at the World Trade Organization or at the United Nations (Unesco) we ensure that the voice of any player involved in the international dance industry is heard and it is this ability to unite the public and private sectors that distinguishes us as a unique organization.

In addition, we specialize in world-class business and legal training; we are a leading editor in the industry creating practical tools for international business related to the world dance industry.

So from the small dance studio in the Philippines to the multinational dance tournaments ADI, companies around the globe can benefit from BIWD rules and mechanisms for the conduction of internal processes in their entrepreneurships and projects framed in the standards of the world dance industry.


Everything we do at BIWD works to promote the international dance industry and investment as vehicles for inclusive growth and prosperity.

We seek the solution of controversies to even support global efforts to rationalize the procedures of the cultural dance industry, to improve day by day services and products as well as support multilateralism as the best way to address challenges and achieve global goals.

Having witnessed the power of the worldwide dance industry we decided to focus on the future of globalization by working to promote inclusive and sustainable growth for the benefit of millions of people.

At BIWD we work to promote the international dance industry, its responsible business conduct and a global approach of regulations by combining our unique experience and influence in global advocacy activities, establishing global standards and services for the dance industry.

You will adapt to the challenges of negotiating in today's fast-paced global economy with the activities we do daily in our supportive work through policy advocacy, in the development of rules and guidelines, in our training courses and in the delivery of other practical tools and services.


BIWD was founded February 26, 2016 in Washington D.C., USA, while there still was no international system governing the investment, finances, or commercial relationships of the international dance industry.

Without waiting for governments to bridge the gap, BIWD's founders acted on their convictions that the private sector is better qualified to establish global standards for culture-related businesses.

We call ourselves "The Industrialists of Peace".


The incomparable business understanding of BIWD comes from our members' experience. The majority of them have been involved in the international dance business for decades.

From dance regulations and a global tax system, to ethical commercialization and climate change, the strength and legitimacy of our work in making and promoting rules comes from the fact that they are developed through extensive consultations with member companies.

Today, nearly 100 experts make up the specialized teams that establish our business position on a wide range of issues. In addition, the trainings and events that we organize take advantage of our members' combined experience to ensure that our events are always up-to-date with the latest problems and advances in the field.

The know-how and vision of our members ensure that the organization of the international dance industry continues evolving to satisfy the needs of today's dance companies. At the same time, our members and experts can count on BIWD's influence to obtain professional opinions from governments and intergovernmental organizations, whose decisions have a positive impact on the companies of the dance industry and their finances and operations around the world.

  The policy commissions of BIWD, which are comprised of business experts that examine important questions of interest for the dance industry, prepare policy papers, including declarations and recommendations, in order to contribute to intergovernmental discussions about issues like rules that make it easier to run your business, which the dance industry deserves in all different international areas.


1st Annual Congress of BIWD - November 26th, 2016 at the Orlando Hilton Resort
2nd Annual Congress of BIWD - November 23rd, 2017 at the Orlando Hilton Resort


The members of BIWD play a fundamental role in the connection between the international dance industry and the dance academies, schools, groups, and companies all over the world, as well as in the promotion of the vital role that they perform in the world economy.

All members of BIWD automatically become members of the International Federation of Associations of Dance (FIDA) which has been established as the organization which advocates for BIWD’s members.

The BIWD membership is comprised of industry leaders and business people from dance organizations at the local, regional, and national levels, as well as bilateral and transnational dance organizations, whether they are public or privately held. All of these are eligible to serve in the general Council of BIWD, which is responsible for establishing the strategic direction and the development of policy and services of the BIWD.

With members in more than 70 countries, BIWD is the only business organization that is widely representative of all the facets of the dance industry.

BIWD unites companies of all sizes and sectors. Our membership includes many of the biggest and most influential companies of the world, like ADI, just like it includes a multitude of small businesses.

Through BIWD membership, rules and policies are configured to stimulate the art industry and the international dance culture. These companies have both the influence and support of the BIWD and FIDA at the same time, in order to receive the business opinions about the dance industry from governments through cultural and tourist authorities and intergovernmental organizations whose decisions influence the corporate finances and operations around the world.


Public institution or government : $0
Producers : $250
Schools and dance companies : $190
Dancers : $125







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